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Way back in 1999 I established Capital Partners Private Wealth and at the time it was one of the first fee-based comprehensive wealth management firms in Australia. This was at a time when almost all financial advisers were commission based.

Almost twenty years later I am still working towards changing the way Australians deal with money, and part of this problem is that the financial industry is having the wrong conversation with the investing public. By changing the focus from product, price and performance to values, goals, planning and outcomes, I believe investors will get better results and will be more inspired and fulfilled.

I believe that real success comes from having clarity about what you want to achieve, from gaining insight so that you can make smarter decisions, and from building the right partnerships with people at the right times to help us on our journey through life.

That’s why I recently launched Wealth With Purpose, a book dedicated to helping Australians make smarter decisions and in turn live happier, more fulfilled lives. This is what industry leaders have had to say about the book.

See my recent interview with Adviser2.0.

Wealth With Purpose Blog

I have been writing for Capital Partners News for years and in recent times these articles have attracted hundreds of views, to the point where it made sense to establish the Wealth With Purpose blog.

While I won’t give advice, I will make sure I share any useful insights in the areas of markets, investing, investor psychology, lifestyle; all designed to help you gain better perspective, make better decisions and live a better life! How’s that for a mission?

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If you need a speaker for your next event I may be able to help. I am asked to speak regularly at industry events for financial advisers, leadership forums, and at CPD events for groups like the Australian Dental Association on Wealth with Purpose. To enquire about speaking engagements contact me at

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